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FRP Pedestrian Bridges


Transley Associates Environmental Services Inc. developed a marvelous product called FRP out of engineered wood and fiberglass reinforced with epoxy. This material called FRP was approved by Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code for use in rehabilitation of existing bridges and also for the construction of new bridges. Tansley Associates Environmental Services Inc. is proud to be a silent partner in the growth of infrastructure of Canada as this revolutionary product has being used in the design and manufacture of new pedestrian bridges.


  • FRP created by TAWS is being used to make decks of bridges since 1994
  • These decks are very lightweight and weigh just 5-11 pounds per square foot
  • FRP decks have a very long service life of 60 years. They do not suffer any kind of degradation even in an environment where chemical corrosion is common.
  • Bridge decks made of FRP do not degrade because of corrosion caused by water ingress. They have a very long service life and require very little maintenance
  • These panels are available in prefabricated form in any shape, size, depth, and weight
  • FRP panels are modular in nature and made according to the requirements of the client
  • The connections are embedded and mechanical in nature to make sure that the structure is durable and hs a long life
  • The surface is non slippery for the pedestrians as well as snowmobiles and ATV
  • Available in different colors
  • Design of these panels conforms to the standards of CHBDC and also to the specifications of AASHTO
  • Service life of design more than 100 years
  • Panels are so lightweight that they can be easily stored, loaded, and carried to all places to expedite construction process
  • Thickness of the decks is dependent upon the load expected voer the bridge

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